Vape Info

I use two vape sticks, and they both have their advantages.

My newest one is a SMOK M17 Stick. It can be fitted with two different sub ohm coils; 0.4, and 0.6. I generally use the 0.6, but the 0.4 isn’t terrible really. I got it from Vape UK, and it’s the EU Edition so I’m not sure if a US edition would have the same. It’s £23 here, and I would highly recommend it. The SMOK M17 coils are £12 each, though you can get them on Amazon a bit cheaper, and you get five in a pack; they last about two – three months, depending on your usage.

The first I used was an eTank Pro by Vype. It’s easy to use, and though they say it’s best to only use Vype vape liquid for it, I’ve never once had a problem with using other liquids with it. The atomizers are not expensive, you can get five for £10, and they are good for about two – three months depending on how you use them. It’s £25 here, and I like it a lot.