I have no idea what to write here, so here’s a list of questions people asked me, or comments I’ve had to make multiple responses to.

Name: Aaron / Terr
Pronouns: he / him
Origins: British / Italian
Location: UK

– Can you post / send a pic? Why not?
No, I’m not comfortable putting my image onto the internet, especially for people I don’t know.

– Aaron or Terr?
Either. Aaron is my first name, Terr is my middle name. There are people who call me both, and I don’t mind which you use.

– Are you in a relationship?
I don’t like putting personal information like this on the internet. If you’re interested in this information, and don’t know, then we probably don’t know each other anywhere near enough for you to be able to use this information for your own purposes.

– What is your orientation?
Panromantic Demisexual.

– Are you transgender?
I’m a guy

– That didn’t really answer my question…
My deepest condolences.

– We could be great friends!
It could happen, though it’s rare that I make friends, and I’m not an easy person to get along with. If you’d like to converse with me, then you can, but I might not be as receptive as you’d like me to be. I’m uncomfortable talking to people on the best days.

– You seem to know some things I’ve been curious about, can I ask you for some advice?
If you’d like to, but not in excess. I don’t know how good my advice would be for you either, so don’t hold it as holy word.

– What are your interests?
Gaming, cats, music, vaping, anime, manga, and abandoned buildings.

– Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Yes, I have two tattoos, and seven piercings.

– Can I add you on Steam/PSN/Xbox?
If you’d like, but let me know before you do or I’ll likely ignore the request.
Steam: MehrunesDagon
PSN: Sszchera
Xbox: GravelordAaron

– Will you do a ___ playthrough?
It’s possible, but I they take a long time to record, and render, and I already have a lot of videos to do, so it’s unlikely it would be done soon.

– How old are you?
I don’t know

– Wow, that post was a super trigger for me, can you tag in the future?
Whereas I’d love to be psychic to a reasonable extent, it’s impossible for me, and so I have no idea what will trigger a person. If you send me a message about something I posted, and would like further things posted with a trigger warning for it, I will post similar things with the tag you have requested. Otherwise, as I said, I have no way of knowing.