May Update

Well it’s been a while for sure. A lot has happened, and I’m really looking to get back in to the updates weekly, or bi-weekly.

First thing that’s awesome is I got a new vape stick. It’s a SMOK M17 Stick. It can be fitted with two different sub ohm coils; 0.4, and 0.6. I generally use the 0.6, but the 0.4 isn’t terrible really. I got it from Vape UK, and it’s the EU Edition so I’m not sure if a US edition would have the same. It’s £23 here, and I would highly recommend it. The SMOK M17 coils are £12 each, though you can get them on Amazon a bit cheaper, and you get five in a pack; they last about two – three months, depending on your usage. It’s my primary vape stick now, and I use the vype one when charging or after a new coil change while it’s soaking in on the M17.

Ok enough for now.

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