The Vape – 06 Tic Tac Orange Citrus

I have a bit of an obsession with orange Tic-Tacs, and it’s hard to find just them in the UK. Usually, lime, and orange, are mixed together. Well anyway, I was at, and found these during the sale they’re having. The site says it’s an explosion of taste, but it’s actually more subtle than that. It’s still nice, but I would have liked it to be stronger.

I got it at the 70 VG, and 12mg nicotine. I might get it again at 50 VG to get more of a throat hit. Breathing out through nose was a stronger taste than mouth, but it still was a bit weak. I’d also probably get it at 06mg or 03mg, as 12mg was a little bit much. I don’t get the strong ones often, as I’d come down from a large amount of smokes when I quit, but I decided on the stronger one, and I can’t really remember why. It’s all right when it comes down to it, large clouds at least. I’ll make another report on this same vape when I eventually get the 50 VG. Try it out tho!

Tac Tic Orange Citrus

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