The Vape 04 – Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

I have been looking for a very good cinnamon vape for a long time. The kind of fake,  Big Red cinnamon that the old gum used to be like. I don’t mind regular cinnamon, in fact I love it, but from a vape, I don’t want something so bitter. Well, I decided to try to find a cinnamon with a slightly sweet taste to it, and Cuttwood tends to make some good liquids. This was not the case this time. I have only ever emptied the bowl twice before it was all done, once with a Double Espresso liquid, and this. It’s touted as a balanced blend of cinnamon, cream, and sugar, but it tastes like eating about a hundred slightly off cinnamon rolls. Sickly sweet in the worst way. Also, there was no hint of cream at all.

So then, at 70VG, and 12mg nicotine, it was big on the clouds, and the smell lingered quite a while. The smell of it wasn’t too terrible, but through the mouth was just gross. Through the nose was even worse; like a mix of rusty cinnamon, and then the horrible, overpowering, sweet taste. It actually made me cough, and then sneeze for about a minute, and I’m not allergic to anything in this. I have to say, I hated it. Not often I say I straight out hate something, but I hate this, passionately. I kept it in about two hours, on a clean atomizer, then emptied it out. I don’t like to throw unused liquids out before their date, so it is relegated to the Cabinet of Shame. If you want to buy this atrocity, you can find it below.

Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

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