The Vape 03 – Bubblegum by Vapouriz

It’s hard to find a Bubblegum that is just that Hubba Bubba pink gum flavor, without the other weird flavors they tend to toss in. Vapouriz has done a good job, but not perfect. Their Bubblegum flavour reads with a fruity punch, but I got none of that fruity taste at all. This is probably a good thing as it would have ruined the regular bubblegum taste. It’s very smooth, and not overly sweet either. The mouth taste is great, without an overpowering sweet taste, and through the nose, the bubble gum taste is very potent, without being overwhelming.

This is a relatively new flavour by Vapouriz coming in at 70PG/30VG, and I used it at 6mg nicotine. The clouds were nice, and the scent lingered around a bit more than others I’ve noticed. Not much to say about this as it’s pretty okay. Taste for mouth, and nose, are good, not too sweet, could be a better gum taste, but it’s fine. If you’re looking for a bubble gum taste, this a good buy. Link below.

Bubblegum by Vapouriz

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