The Vape #02 – Pink Lemonade by Element

I’ve never tried anything by Element before, so I was happy to give it a go with their Pink Lemonade. I’ve been trying, since I started vaping, to find a good lemonade, and pink lemonade vape, but I haven’t been able to, and Element hasn’t done anything for my hopes. I tried this twice, once with a fresh atomizer, and once after a few others. Both times it not only failed to taste remotely like pink lemonade, but was absolutely vile. It tasted something like eating a root, or stem of a plant.

It comes in at 80VG/20PG, and I use a 6mg nicotine. It is designed for drippers, and mechanical mods, so that could be why using my vape made it taste gross. I hated it initially. Nose taste was gross, and mouth taste was gross. It left my mouth feeling dry, and almost rotten. Sadly, I don’t have a dripper or mechanical mod to taste this, but as for my regular vape with an atomizer, and such, it was foul, and I would not recommend you getting it if this is your only vaping method. On the plus side, though, the clouds are massive. If you have tried it on a dripper or mech, let me know how you fared. Link to purchase below.

Pink Lemonade by Element

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